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Kindle Wordsmith - Speaking and Listening

The seven literacy domains including listening comprehension, oral language, phonological awareness, alphabet knowledge, print awareness, written language, and text comprehension.


“Speaking and listening is central to forming relationships, and acting as cognitive tools for learning”. - Vygotsky, 1978


It is important to hone their interpersonal communication skills in a supportive learning environment​

KindleSthetic - Creative Movements / Sports

"Education is a moving experience."
- Mimi Brodsky Chenfeld


Through kinesthetic experiences, children learn effectively as they make connections of their learning and their world whole. Through creative movement, they are more mindful of their environment as they explore the movements and possibilities. Through Sports, children learn to work cooperatively as a team, and build resiliency.

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Kindle Geek - Digital Literacy

Digital literacy is a growing part of any approach to skills development.


With the advancement in technology over the years, we now live in a world that is both enriched and burdened by computers and gadgets. It is important in this 21st century to equip children with this skill so they can use it safely and effectively. This encompasses their play,  participation, socializing, searching and learning through digital technologies.

Kindle Imagination - Creative Arts

“Art enables us to experience things that we would never otherwise experience” - Vygotsky’s Theory of Creativity. 


Creative arts give children a unique way to express themselves and their understanding of their world. It allows children to make choices and solve problems. Art is a means of communicating ideas, feelings and solutions in a way other than verbally or written.

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Kindle Global - Global Perspective

A global perspective is a view on an issue that either has global influence or takes into account the nature of the issue globally.


Global Perspectives is an important and wide-ranging subject, which aims to teach children about the world around them. Introducing global perspective, enables children to be aware of the happenings around them as well as encouraging problem solving skills. It makes people become better listeners, more accepting and more understanding. It also strengthens our connection to another across the planet and here at home.


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