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About Us

We believe that every child has his or her own potential to succeed. We provide the support to ignite possibilities in each individual through our curated in-house curriculum. 


Our specially curated curriculum is designed by our co-founders who have a decade of experience working with young children.We believe that learning has to be meaningful to individuals to help them to make sense of their world and to have the ability to apply their knowledge and skills to the physical world.


We inspire, motivate and help to discover their strengths. We develop a growth mindset to help individuals confront challenges and stress, a passion for learning and a belief that everyone is capable of learning new skills and knowledge. We also provide tuition services for students who are looking for more specialized coaching to help them to achieve academic success.


“It takes a village to raise a child”. - This is a quote that Kindle Cove stands by strongly. Therefore, we believe in fostering a respectful  and conducive partnership between the different stakeholders such as families, educators and allied helpers to ignite the various possibilities nestled in the potential of every student placed our care. 

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