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Kindle Coaching - Academic Excellence

Here in Kindle Cove Student Care@Redhill, we put a strong emphasis on academic excellence. We do this by providing a rigorous curriculum that is closely aligned with MOE primary school's syllabus and build a scaffolded approach to help coach our students, enabling them to build a strong foundation for academic success.


​Apart from a rigourous curriculum, to ensure that we serve our parents living in our student care's vincinity such as the Redhill, Queenstown, Alexandra and Bukit Merah area well, our academic coaching staff is equipped with the necessary knowledge, skills and expertise to nurture every student placed under our responsibility.


​In our Student Care@Redhill, we also offer specialised academic tuition services in primary school English, Math, Science and Chinese tuition to students primarily living around our vincinity and also studying in well-known primary schools in this region such as Gan Eng Seng Primary, Queenstown Primary, Zhangde Primary and Alexandra Primary School. ​


Do feel free to contact us to find out more about our coaching services and what makes us tick!


We also provide trial lessons in our centre, if you are interested in signing up for a trial lesson, please feel free to sign up here.

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